Which Type of Vertex Animation Export to use with tearing cloth?

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I am using Houdini Indie 16.5.323 and UE 4.18.2. I am trying to use the game shelf vertex animation exporter for a cloth simulation. In my simulation the cloth is torn. Currently I am using the soft setting for the export and having a lot of issues in UE4. I have been trying a few things, but I want to make sure I have a solid start. Is the soft setting the proper one to use? I know it is used for most cloth sims, but in mine you do have a hole being torn through the cloth, some of which does separate from the cloth during the simulation. Please give any advice you can so my debug efforts are not in vain.
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Hey there!

If the topology is changing then you want to use the fluid option. If the topology stays the same throughout the animation then you can use the soft (if you have verts where the tears happen already)

Hope this helps!

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