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for a project, I'm looking into procedurally generating a stone wall, as there are some arches and visible corners and as I'd also like to avoid visible tiling, avoiding textures as the primary solution seems like a good idea. Just to elaborate, this is the kind of corner I'm talking about: , so something, that takes the stone thickness into account and doesn't allow gaps too close to the corner, the arch should look as close to real as possible, so the stone laying should resemble this:

What I'd imagine to be the best way would be to somehow generate low-poly geometry for the stones and then use textures for displacement and additional detail.
Anyways, as an inexperienced user, I'm not quite sure where to start with this task. Would something like this be better done using fracture, or booleans, or some custom code?
If anyone has some tips what to start looking into or even where to look, I'd be very thankful.
Thanks in advance.
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English is not my native language, sorry in advance for any misunderstanding :-)
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Am working on creating a stylized wall generator and this is what I up with so far as the base:

Currently, its using a box to control wall dimensions. I'll soon work on a version that can follow curves.
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