Exporting Hair/Fur Tools

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Just out of curiosity, can I export Houdini's hair/fur tools, including the hairgen node and grooming brushes, and import them as a plugin through Houdini Engine for Maya?
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You should be able to export the guide curves to Maya - and then use them to drive a Maya hair system or Xgen hair to be able to render it.

If you want to do Maya pfx hair, output the curves and whatever surface they're attached to, MakeSelectedCurvesDynamic with attachToSurface on so you have access to the surface properties, then turn start curve attract all the way up so you get the houdini hair sim, and then Add PaintEffects Output and delete the output curves.

I think there's an xXen tool that will let you use the curves as guides as well.

I'm not sure how good a match the groom properties are to the various Maya hair attributes - this may take some adjustment

Depending on how many curves you have and what you wanted to do with them in Maya you could output all the hair curves too, but it will create a curve shape and xform nodes and that could really slow down the DG.
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