Five Elements of VFX - Water (Jeff Wagner at FMX 2018)

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We just launched the first in a new series of presentations we're titling “5 Elements of VFX” - water, fire, earth, wood, and metal - each presented by a different Houdini expert, who will bring their own experience and wisdom to the topic.

This first session (Water) [] - presented by SideFX's Jeff Wagner at FMX 2018 - is all about working with water inside Houdini. Learn about many different ways you can use to make, shape and bend water entirely in Houdini. Make water conform to deforming shapes, creating directed stormy oceans, calm water with ripples, dripping water, water with variable viscosity, bubbles inside water and more.

The series was inspired by some awesome artwork - created in Houdini by Transistor Studios in Japan - which features their take on these five elements.
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