Carve a Curve by specific length (And not a percentage)

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I have a copy to points SOP based on a curve I cut up to add the welding point onto a pipe I've made. Problem is the the welding points on the pipe are too close to each other, so I want to add an additional carve increase the distance between each carved point by a measurement, not a percentage like carve normally does. Can I do this somehow? With the current way carve works, it shortens my curves relative to the same percent, and how I'd like to use it is to shorten each curve by a 1/10 of an inch (Or some type of exact measurement, so every curve has the same amount taken off)

I hope this all makes sense, I'm very new with Houdini and I don't want to do this in a method that is overly complex or requires too much alteration if possible. Just trying to learn the basics here and ran into this sang with my current project.

Scene file attached!

Clipping.PNG (322.8 KB)
Curves.PNG (292.0 KB)
CurvePipeWithParticles.hipnc (2.2 MB)

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Added resample node to give exact distance between points.

Added parameter in curve node to control expression on the u parameter;

This percentage now corresponds to a specific distance, and is incremented by that distance.

Added a delete node to determine only the points that will be copied to.
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Pipe Joint Distance.hipnc (2.2 MB)

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