Game Development Release 1.12 - Daily Builds!

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Hey everyone,

With Release 1.12 we go back to our roots, and enable quick turnarounds and the ability for you to ride the cutting edge of development.

We've put a build system in place that will generate a new release daily (if there are changes). This allows for those that are working with us to be able to get hotfixes and updates as soon as we make them.

In order to still protect the majority of users from bugs, we are implementing production builds.

With 1.12, the updater can filter the releases based on production builds so you can only download safe builds, or you have the option of grabbing a daily build. We have also implemented smoke tests and unit tests on our tools to ensure that they aren't causing unexpected problems with your files, and with 1.11 we've flagged new tools as (Beta)

If you'd like to see what changes we've been doing, you can check out the Commits page in github. []

With 1.12 we've also officially retired the Stable branch

As always, let us know if you have any feedback and if you encounter any bugs

Luiz Kruel
Senior Technical Artist
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