Can't apply tessellation in my houdini digital assets?

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Hi friends.

Do we need to set something in particular in Houdini in order to make a Digital Asset ‘accept’ materials with tessellation inside UE4? I tried it with one of my DA but it didn't work, even when I bake the Asset to Actor.

Curious thing is that…. if I export the baked actor from UE4 to FBX and then re-import this FBX back again to UE4, tessellation will work on this fbx.
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By default, mesh created by the Houdini Engine plugin do not build the adjacency buffer that is required for tesselation to work. You can change this by going to project settings > Houdini Engine > Static Mesh Build settings and enable “Build adjacency buffer” there.

Recook your asset so that the mesh is rebuilt, and you should then be able to apply your tessellated material.
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