Issue When Running Houdini Engine in Maya through a Build Machine

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I am receiving these two errors after the baking starts:

Thrift: Tue Feb 5 14:30:14 2019 TPipe ::GetOverlappedResult errored GLE=errno = 109
Thrift: Tue Feb 5 14:30:14 2019 TPipe ::WriteFile errored GLE=errno = 232

The second one repeats non-stop until I cancel the operation.

I have written the tool in python, and am unable to find a way to start a HAPI or Thrift operation without C++. I ain't sure if that is the proper way of solving the issue, if not, how should I approach this?

A possible problem is my HDA is exported from Houdini 16.5 and the Houdini Engine is 17.0. Would that cause any problems?


errorLog.PNG (9.0 KB)

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I just looked at the error again, and it looks like it did get as far as cooking before HARS met a bad end. (well, actually, I'm not sure if HARS or Maya closed their end of the pipe)

So yes, you should make sure that the asset/tool works successfully in 17.0 as well as 16.5, and that any other hdas that it depends on are installed on the build machine in an accessible location as well. It might just be an asset problem and not a thrift problem at all. We can go through the issue in more detail on your bug. No idea why this just showed up in my feed now even though you posted 2 days ago.

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