Vertex Animation Textures and Unity's Scriptable Render Pipeline

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Hi folks,

I've had a number of requests for shaders that work with the scriptable rendering pipeline. If you download 1.123 of the Game Dev Tools the Unity folder now includes those shaders. You can also download the Unity 2018 Package [] or Unity 2019 Package [], which includes a scene and example files.

Now for the fine print. This is a first pass of the shaders and not completely fleshed out. I've only tested them with the LWRP and are setup to mostly work with a mesh in your scene. Some of the shaders will work with a particle system but it requires you to modify the shader code. I've definitely broken some things in order to get this to work. If you have any questions, post them here and I'll do my best to answer them.

We're working with Unity to create shader graph versions of the shaders but I can't tell you when those will be available.

Happy VATing!

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