Linking parameters/Hierarchy problem

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Hey Guys,

I'm currently working on a tool where you can add objects to a level.
I've already figured out how to dynamically add elements to “an array” in this case the object merge node.
I use this node so that I can add my meshes as a Houdini parameter and not as a Houdini Input in UE4.

I think this is necessary so that i can orderly add my spread density, color, etc underneath. (as seen in the image bellow)

The problem: when creating my interface I use a multiparm (list) which links to the multiparm (list) created in the “object merge” node. Is there a way to add f.e. color, to the interface list which I can link to a color that gets assigned based on the created groups in the object merge node?
I've tried to add the color to the object merge node's parameters itself, but this appears to be locked and not able to generate the color parameter alongside the other list elements. I've also tried to add the color to the objects separately, but when adding the color to the interface of my HDA underneath the list, it gets overwritten by every instance created of the color.
I've also tried to enable/disable, hide/unhide the color parameter depending on what list element it's placed in, but with no success.

There are Three big questions for me:
Is it possible to add color as a parameter of the multiparm list for my hda interface, which can be used as the color of the groups (or any other way to call upon) of primitives/geometry, created in the object merge node, seperately?

Is it possible to add elements to the object merge node's multiparm list.

IF none of the above is possible, is it possible to hide elements in a multiparm list, depending on which instance they're in? I'm looking at the multiparm list as a for loop in which I want to control the amount of elements visible depending on the instance the loop is currently in.

In short: I want to make it possible to control the color of every object created and loaded in my hda tool.



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Here to learn :)
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