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Is any variable that stores information about wire existence in shader editor? I mean, I need the variable that is 1 when the texture is connected to base_color slot and 0 when there is not.

What I'm trying to achieve is the arnold texture preview in the viewport. I created a texture tag in the parameter interface and it works but I want to the “use Texture” toggle be connected with the variable I mentioned. Also, is it possible to get the name of the node that is connected to the slot? In my case, the result would be “image1”.

If not, is any different way?


node_connect_boolean.JPG (33.6 KB)
anrold_texture_prev.JPG (27.5 KB)

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I'm not sure about Arnold shading networks, but usually there is some kind of switch node, like "switch"or "two way switch"where You can plug color from parameter and color from texture and select one or another based on toggle parameter.

btw, the title is a little bit confusing
I think what you meant is something similar to "is bound"node output that is available on some sops vops, but It would not work as You expect, cause texture nodes will always provide some color, even if no image is found (pink usually?) and constantly checking if files exist in the filesystem is probably not the best way to go.
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