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01 Dec 2020
New Tools
  • (18.5.401) Added Rokoko Mocap sop. This node allows for the streaming of live mocap data from Rokoko Studio.
  • (18.5.401) Added Unreal World Composition Prepare. This nodes prepares all the attributes you need for the world composition support in Unreal Engine using V2 of the Houdini Engine plugin.

  • (18.5.414) VHDA has had a big update to improve the functionality and add some new things too. You can now set the Tab menu category, set defaults you like using the new preferences window and more
  • (18.5.406) The Destruction Cleanup sop will now warn the user if the required attributes have not been found, or if no packed geometry has been detected
  • (18.5.406) Renamed the Labs HF Insert Mask and Labs HF Combine Masks HDA to use “Heightfield” instead of “HF”. This solves the issue of these nodes showing up above the HF node in the tab search results
  • (18.5.402) Released VoxelMesh 2.0 with bugfixes, UI cleanup and more in preparation for it becoming part of Houdini itself
  • (18.5.401) The SkinningConverter is now KineFX compatible. That means that it will no longer generate OBJ level rigs, but instead generates three outputs. 1. Skin, 2. Rest Pose, 3. Animated Skeleton. This feeds directly into a bonedeform or FBX export node. Also updated docs and icon to reflect changes
  • (18.5.401) Changed UV Visualize to no longer scale the UVs to increase tiling of the grid texture, but do the scaling in the shader instead. NOTE: This requires Houdini 18.5.401 to properly function. Also cleaned up interface and exposed the UV attribute to be used. This means you can now also choose to look at different UVsets in the viewport without changing your primary UV attribute
  • (18.5.401) The MapsBaker now has the ability to render rounded edges configured on a principledshader
  • (18.5.401) Added a new set of stickers to the Sticker Picker. These are all created by and courtesy of Shari Solo - @shari_sol
  • (18.5.401) The MapsBaker now allows for rendering out single frames, but also frameranges. In order to do this, new parameters have been added at the top of the parameter interface
  • (18.5.401) MapsBaker now applies pixel padding between UVShells to produce even better maps

Bug Fixes
  • (18.5.406) Fixed issue in Gaea Tor Processor where a grid pattern would appear on non-power of two heightfields. The tool will now warn you, and do a better job at resampling from non-power of two inputs.
  • (18.5.406) Fixed issue in Gaea Tor Processor during node instantiation in the Python 3 build.
  • (18.5.406) Disabled a print in the Ruler python state.
  • (18.5.402) Fixed output connector color on AutoUV node
  • (18.5.402) Fixed issue in Skinning Converter where some skinning would produce bad results when processing based on incoming name attributes.
  • (18.5.401) Fixed GoZ plugins to work in the python3 builds.
  • (18.5.401) Building Generator now works in python3 build
  • (18.5.401) Corrected the attribute type for tile splitting in the Unreal Worldcomposition Prepare tool. Also fixed a viewport issue
  • (18.5.401) PBR Shader no longer throws a material definition error when you create it in recent daily builds of Houdini.
  • (18.5.401) Updated Cut Geometry to Partitions and Workitem Import TOP demoscenes.
  • (18.5.401) CSV Exporter is now python3 compatible
  • (18.5.401) Flowmap Brush is now working in the Py3 build of Houdini.
  • (18.5.401) Fixed issue in MapsBaker where heightmaps would be inverted when baking using a cage mesh.
Paul Ambrosiussen
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Hi everyone! First of all, happy new year!
The below update contains the changes from December 1st - December 15th. It didn't get posted until now due to the holidays. The next update will be January 15th. Enjoy!

15 Dec 2020
  • (18.5.424) Added output node back to Filter By Value TOP. Also added help card for version 1.1
  • (18.5.423) Extended Labs Filter by Value TOP to support filtering by greater than or less than a given value. Increased version to 1.
  • (18.5.422) Added missing docs for Substance Material sop
  • (18.5.421) File>Crash Recovery>Open Crashfile now supports hip files not on the same drive as the $HOUDINI_TEMP drive.
  • (18.5.421) Removed Axis Align from SideFXLabs Shelf in Houdini. NOTE: Dropping down Axis Align has been dropping down Match Size for a while now, and that is the correct behavior. That node is the replacement for Axis Align
  • (18.5.420) Updated AliceVision integration to support 2.3.0 / Meshroom 2020.1. (Be sure to download the new binaries attached to the tutorial!)
  • (18.5.416) Moved the Edit Extra Sections Source Code option of the rightclick menu up to help people with muscle memory expecting type properties to be there

Bug Fixes
  • (18.5.421) Updated Cut Geometry To Partitions TOP to fix loading error in newer versions of Houdini.
  • (18.5.421) Fixed bug in AutoUV where existing hip files would complain about missing parms.
  • (18.5.421) Fixed issue in Terrain Texture rop. This prevented it from being instantiated.
  • (18.5.420) VHDA Renamed the "Reset Defaults" button to "Restore Factory Defaults" to clarify what things get reset to. Also fixed a bug where a created HDA would not work in all contexts. Also fixed minor wrapping issue on the asset creation window.
  • (18.5.415) VHDA will no longer auto-update the type name if you modify the label. Also allowed the major version number to become 0, for cases where you dont want a version number at all. (0 will not add a ::0 to your type or .hda)
  • (18.5.415) MapsBaker is now able to better write UDIM maps if shells cross two or more tiles. Previously it would cause streak artefacts in the output map.
  • (18.5.415) Fixed issue in VHDA where the bump version dialog would crash when an HDA uses an invalid icon.
  • (18.5.415) Pick and Place now preserves the normals (if found) of incoming geometry.
Paul Ambrosiussen
Technical Artist - SideFXLabs
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