Passing attributes into 3DSMax?

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I've struggled with this for a few days now and I still don't have a solution so I wanted to post it here. I'm making a fairly simple scatter tool which will allow me to use multiple objects to scatter on a distribution object in Max. It was also my first test making an .hda and using it inside a DCC tool. Everything seems to be working - albeit a little slower than I expected - except for it gives the names of the copies the same name as the tool. I have posted some screenshots and will include both the WIP of the .hip file and .hda. You can see that in Houdini the primitive names are correct in the Geometry spreadsheet. I'm not sure why they don't take on those names in Max however.

Thank you for your time.

Capture_1.PNG (1.3 MB)
Capture_2.PNG (1.3 MB)
Capture_3.PNG (1.3 MB)
Capture_4.PNG (218.0 KB)
mquickel_scatter_tool.hda (34.8 KB)
Scatter_Tool.hip (189.2 KB)

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Having similar issues. Max 2018, Houdini 2018. Crashing max if I feed in attributes that it can not marshall.
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