Using plugin on production floor?

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Hi, I was looking for installing the 3dsmax plugin on a team of artists, the goal is simple, they use my hda inside 3dsmax, We are very limited in Houdini core licence but we a have enough Engine licence for the team. So far so good, but after many research, it look like the only way to install the plugin is going through a full Houdini install… it work, but I would like to avoid to install the full software to everyone, it seam a problem for IT team at my studio. So, when I try to install only the Houdini engine, it not give me the option to install the plugin. Someone have a clue or solution for this annoying problem ?
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There are instructions here for installing a Houdini Engine only setup: []

Just to note, the 3ds Max plugin will not pull a Houdini Core license when Houdini Engine licenses are available. In your case, since you have enough Engine licenses for the team, the plugin should only ever pull an Engine license.
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