Animating two obejcts together

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I have two SOP objects I am trying to animate together at the Network level. A rigged character and a vehicle he is riding. I have parented the Rigged character Network level node to the vehicle, but they don't move in unison. What could cause this?
Brad Schreiber
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Perhaps there is some offset in the world space value?
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> What could cause this?

a thousand things. Quite hard to tell without more details.

One thing that comes to mind is: By parenting one object to another you are creating a local space environment for the child object. If that one is animated (maybe from a previous world-space animation?), it is now moving in local space, combining the parent's object's animation with its own.

You could also have local space animation on the mesh itself.

Or you could have constraints working against you.

Or … so many things. Why not simplify the scene (cube, sphere) and upload it here?

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