Particle caches don't respect pscale attrib on import

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I'm importing a particle cache as a reference in my lopStage.
The cache itself is an alembic cache.

I have the pscale setup to be 0.0025 in my example, but when I import the cache in lop's
and view my particles through redshift, karma or the Storm viewport my particles don't take into account the pscale and are very big.
Although I don't get that when I unpack the cache on sop level and sopimport it into my stage.
There the particles have the right size and I can even change the pscale and it gets updated accordingly.

I have 14 milion particles in my scene and the sopimport creates time dependencies which slow down everything and make the scene very slow.

Has anyone encountered this problem when it comes to referencing in particle caches?

I'm using houdini 18.0.416

Thank you Very Much,
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