Copy To Points - rot point attribute not working?

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there's two things I don't understand about the copyToPoints SOP.
1. transform using target point orientations - the tooltip explains that the ‘rot’ point attribute can be used to rotate copies. this does not look to be working as intended.
2. copyToPoints defaults to ‘z up’ behavior if transforming using target point orientation normals. this is not ideal if working in y up and scattering objects, it adds another corrective rotation that I need to keep track of.

ive attached a simple scene to show this behavior. any insight into these two things would be appreciated


copy-to-points.hiplc (160.9 KB)

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you can not use @up before define it.

orient (vector4) / transform (3×3 or 4×4) are the attributes which can directly set instance's rotation, but not rot (vector4).

rot (vector4) is additional rotation (applied after the orientation attributes above)

that means if you have both orient and rot attributes, when use copy to point SOP, the input orient will be rotated by rot inside copy to point SOP first

p@orient = qmultiply(p@orient, p@rot);

than copy to point SOP use the modified orient to set instance's rotation.
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