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Basically, I want a button (or context-menu entry when you right-click) on a Prefab in Unity that sends all model/material data (i.e. the filename for the prefab's model/material resources) to Houdini so it can generate the geometry in the current network in Houdini and preserve as much of the material (as attributes?) as it can, so that can be synchronized back with Unity (perhaps via shader and vertex colors on top of geometry) for large-scale production applications.

Is this possible already? – If not, I think SessionSync will easily allow this kind of communication, but I have no clue how to go about it for this purpose. Being able to “split” a model from Unity prefabs into Houdini geometry representations has a HUGE amount of value to Unity users.

  • Open World modeling using assets/materials from within Unity itself
  • Populating prefabs and components based on PDG / TOPS networks
  • Introduce prefab model arrangements (i.e. purchased from Asset Store) as geometry in Voxel processing for environments/buildings
  • 64-bit prefab placement and positioning can be handled directly in Houdini and mirrored back to Unity using prefab positioning
  • etc.

I could go on, but this is what I have time for. Please consider this, @Houdini / @SideFX guys.
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