Open World Fantasy RPG for UE4 looking for Houdini Artist

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About Us

My name is Matthew Norman, and I’m the Operations Manager, Producer and a Co-Founder of Epoch Games. Epoch Games is a global, fully-online, global, volunteer team developing The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order (LoAO), a single player, open-world, original low-fantasy RPG being developed in Unreal Engine 4 for the PC. At this time, the project isn't receiving revenue, but once we do, we are offering Revenue Share and Stock Options in the company. We only expect spare-time hours from our developers.

There are about 52 of us currently working on the game, and we are looking for a Houdini Artist / Level Designer to join our Development Team.

The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order

LoAO, as mentioned, is a single player, open-world, original low-fantasy RPG being developed in Unreal Engine 4 for the PC. Althas is the name of the fictional continent that the game will take place on.

Ever since it’s early history, Althas has been a land shaken by conflicts. In the early days, these conflicts pitted the Anointed Kingdoms of Men against dark and demonic forces that threatened them. However, with the passage of time, the world has changed: the Anointed order is eroding away and new powers are rising. Another war looms on the horizon, a war of personal and political motivation. Thenodar, a burgeoning new kingdom in the North, and Anorthile, one of the last of the three remaining Anointed Kingdoms, now prepare for a war that will shake all of Althas. Old demons and new enemies gather in the shadows of both lands as each sets their sights on the ruined wilderness known as the Feralands.

For more information about Lays of Althas: Sundered Order, please check out our IndieDb page, [] where we have made it into the Top 100 Most Anticipated RPGs for 2 Years in a row. You can also visit our website at []

Houdini Artist / Level Designer

We are looking for a Houdini Artist who can create/update Houdini Procedural Development Tools to assist with the development of Level Design for our game in Unreal Engine 4. They must also have experience with creating detailed Landscapes and/or Interiors in Unreal Engine as well.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Houdini experience, used for creating Procedural Development tools to be used in Unreal Engine
  • Ability to create detailed landscapes and building interiors in Unreal Engine

Optional Requirements:
  • Ability to optimize with use of LODs (Level of Detail)
  • UE4 Blueprint Scripting experience
  • Heightmap development experience

We already have a Procedural River Bed Tool [], Tunneling Tool [] and Cliff Tool created in Houdini for Unreal Engine, but our former Houdini Artist is leaving, so they could use further updating.

If you’re interested in joining our team, then please post here with your interest, as well as email us at If you look to have the skills we are looking for, the next step will be to arrange a Skype interview, and we’ll play things out from there.

If you have any questions in regards to the available job, or even just about the game itself, please post them here.
Operation Manager, Producer & Co-Founder of Epoch Games
The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order
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