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Hi all! Want to work at the crossroads of 3D Content Creation, Machine Learning and Cloud Compute while collaborating with teams in Azure, Mixed Reality (AR) and XBox? I have a long-term contract position open to anyone residing in the USA who has work authorization:

  • Create procedural tools for generating 3D environments with control for varying terrain, biome, population, road networks, etc.
  • Create procedural tools for populating 3D environments with assets in a logic-based approach (vegetation, rocks, clutter, props, humans, buildings, etc.)
  • Use Python to interact with external data sources and APIs.
  • Collaborate with Developers and Artists in defining features and tools that improve content pipelines
  • Collaborate with leadership to define schedules and deliverables
  • Creating HDAs to share with other artists.
  • Procedural geometry creation with SOPs.
  • Develop new Materials and Shaders from scratch.

Bonus Skills
  • USD/Solaris data and pipelines.
  • PDG/TOPs
  • Use VEX to create efficient geometry algorithms.
  • Fire & Smoke VFX.
  • Knowledge Physically Based Rendering and photoreal materials, lighting, cameras etc.
  • Arnold materials and shaders.
  • Working knowledge of Maya.
  • GIS and map data.

PM me for the details as the positions haven't been posted yet.


Geordie Moffatt []

Senior Technical Art Director
Studio Alpha - Microsoft
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JD is now live! []

Please PM me if you have further questions.


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