Pass args before execution?

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I'm doing a large-scale update in my studio's pipeline, doing a tight integration with Shotgrid (previously known as Shotgun, from autodesk) and PDG.
Now I'm revamping the publish workflow and since the user must check their publishes prior to publishing them to Shotgrid, I'm splitting the behavior of the TOP hda for publishing in two:
1. If the user cooks the asset to test the output, the output is published to the user's workspace (his own folder).
2. If the user publishes using the Shotgrid's menu, we're assuming the outputs were tested and therefore when the script cooks the TOP hda, It will be published to the publishes folder.

My idea was to pass some info to the asset before executing It to let It know where to publish. At least, I thought It was the cleanest way, but I don't know if that's possible.
If anyone knows or has a better idea, please share!
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