Using a terrain layer splatmap as a mask in an HDA does not work

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I'm currently trying make an HDA that has 1 input: a unity terrain.
The goal of this very simple tool is to use 1 of the terrain layers that I assigned in unity as a heightfield mask to generate
cliffs. The houdini engine documentation states that I simply have to name this terrain layer the appropriate name "mask" and
that houdini will recognize this and treat the splatmap as the heightfield mask in the hda.

This works, houdini uses the splatmap as a mask but it warps it in a strange way making this workflow unusable.


I there something I'm missing or a way to fix this issue?

I attached a very simple HDA that I'm using for testing , its literally just 1 node to push out the terrain in the shape of the mask.
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