HDA changes made via MaxScript trigger recooking

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I'm am working with about 10 individual HDAs and I'm wrapping a MaxScript UI tool to help automate the HDA creation and baking.

The problem I'm running into, is each time I change an HDA value via MaxScript, it automatically triggers a recooking of the HDA. This is very problematic when needing to change upwards of 15 values on a large HDA, it ends up cooking the HDA 15 times...which makes it very very slow to update.

Is it possible to make a bunch of changes to an HDA via MaxScript and once they are set, THEN trigger the HDA to cook with the new settings?

I'm using the MaxScript commands below, but this only seems to apply to the Houdini Engine interface and NOT MaxScript.

Software specifics:
3DS Max 2022.2 Update
Houdini Version: 18.5.633
Houdini Engine: 3.6 (API: 3)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks all!
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