Issue with exporting KineFX animation

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I followed a Houdini tutorial: []
But I have trouble exporting it. I'm not sure where the problem is coming from but here is my export:

And here is one of the problem i'm facing (when I had a name):

Also, at this point my rop_fbxcharacteroutput does export something but not right and the rop_fbxanimoutput export an empty file.

Here is my Houdini file:
Image Not Found

Thanks in advance if anyone can find what is the problem.
Have a good day.
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animation_rabbit.hipnc (3.0 MB)
Capture d’écran 2022-04-29 113336.jpg (28.6 KB)
Capture d’écran 2022-04-29 111834.jpg (355.7 KB)

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Hey Aschdox,

I would try your scene but it is lacking some parts. Stash the geo and embed the custom hda you used.
Or better simplify the scene as much as possible so others can test it easily.

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@Aschdox I'm also experimenting with KineFX (Indie 19.0.589), I notice you talk about "rop_fbxanimoutput", in my attempts I end up using only the other node (character) for both static/tpose and animation cases. It may be my fault but I was having some issue with the "anim" node, kind of not following the "configureclipinfo".
As soon as I noticed the "character node" can be used for the animation part too, I went for it.
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