Can't dirty and cook, PDG for Unity Terrain 2020.3.34f1

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Hello, I have a problem, which can't be solved after checking a lot of information.
unity:2020.3.34f1, houdini:19.0.589
The first time I cooked, the result was correct. But i dirty&cook, and the result is wrong. At this point, the terrain will be flattened into a height map and the size will be reduced.
After checking, I found that the reason is that houdini's node added attributes other than mask and height to terrain, such as base, water, cliff, etc. If only the mask and height attributes are kept, I can normally dirty&cook.
How can I solve this problem? I'd appreciate any information!

FirstCook.png (337.2 KB)
DirtyAndCook.png (113.1 KB)

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