Barcelona 1714

Breakdown for the personal project "Barcelona 1714", Where I created the city and it's environment from reference maps, pictures and artwork. Done in Houdini and Clarisse, using Quixel Megascans and iCube Aerial Textures, among other skies and proxy packs. I created procedural systems for the geometry and textures of houses, fields, walls, beach, mountains and vegetation. Built during 3 years of spare time.

Many thanks to Eric Moliner for the character models & rigs, Josep R. Casals for the initial city layout and professor Francesc Xavier Hernández Cardona for his historical advising.

Also thanks to Alessia De Rosa for the character animation tests and all the other friends that gave me their feedback!

Music: "Imagination" by 2WEI, Ali Christenhusz.



  • Siavash Tehrani 1 year, 11 months ago  | 

    Incredible project Daniel, I got a huge kick from watching the video.

  • cynwulf 1 year, 11 months ago  | 

    epic and amazing - well done

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