A personal project exploring forms created from a pyro simulation and custom velocities in Houdini.
Rendered with Mantra.


  • lawrencen 2 years ago  | 

    Lovely piece. Well done.

    • Charkin 2 years ago  | 


  • ajcgi 2 years ago  | 

    This is a very satisfying thing to watch indeed. Excellent work!

    • Charkin 2 years ago  | 

      Thanks mate

  • Mohanpugaz 2 years ago  | 

    Woooow. Thats very cool.
    Are u taking care of curve's collisions?

  • Charkin 2 years ago  | 

    Thanks. Nah, just advecting points and connecting. Wasn't worried about intersections for this one.

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