Robot Battle

A group project I have been working on in my free time for pass few months. I was the project lead and responsible for all FX elements using Houdini. After I saw this great robot animation on Vimeo a couple of months ago, I reached out to the animator, Soh Zi Sheng, and said maybe I could make some contribution to this shot. Then I started looking for people and work on this project. It was fun, and I really enjoyed it!

Many thanks to my friends for their hard works.

Animation by Soh Zi Sheng
Rigging by Ding Shen
FX by Jinguang Huang
Environment by Changyong Zhao
Robot LookDev by Xiaoya Zhao / Yinghao Chai / Shiki Chen
Lighting and Compositing by Yinghao Chai / Shiki Chen

Here is the original robot animation:


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