Tree Generator Rnd

Beyond creating plants, animating their growth was always a big favor to me. Using 3dsmax grow fx plugin I could achieve plant design and growth animation but I need more in depth control over behavior of branches and leave distribution methods ,as you know creating an animated plant with over 200 million polys with simple methods is fairly impossible. Using Houdini I could use different techniques for generating branch and leaves like instancing and making any parameter affect sub branch behaviors.
Hope you like it



I'm Creating cg for 18 years. and working in 3d Motion Graphics / Animation industry for 10 years. Thanks

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  • Rezo233 2 years, 7 months ago  | 

    You made it with houdini's L-System?

    • modjtaba 2 years, 7 months ago  | 

      No l-system . Its just some lines scattered over others and stamping to control the behavior ;)

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