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How do you like the new MMB Pane in 20.5? The UI? 2024年7月15日9:32

Sorry but I find it both harder to find stuff, and some things like attribute data MUCH harder to read. I have to CTRL+= to zoom it up then drag the window wider to expose everything again... every single time I open the window pane. It's beginning to grate somewhat. Also why add the visualizer button when you could already just click the attribute itself to visualize it.


The future of Houdini if Solaris / USD is not for you. 2024年7月11日7:10

That I could see but would op:/blah/blah work in a RS_TEXTURE node? Is that the idea in future? I'm fairly sure I read some blurb about it that said for karma.

The future of Houdini if Solaris / USD is not for you. 2024年7月11日5:57

I can see how USD is important for large studios with multiple departments, but I dare say there are many setups that will never go near USD. My concern is that more and more will need to be piped through Solaris, Karma being the prime example. It feels awkward and annoying to have to pipe my conventional job through an extra layer of complexity just to use Karma, so I'm still using Redshift.

The impetus to ask the question is Copenicus, very cool but is it going to be fully integrated or will I need to pay the Solaris tax? Same question goes for the future of Houdini in a broader sense.... will more than just Karma be locked out for non Solaris setups?