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60 second Houdini Tutorials on Pixel Fondue 2021年10月7日16:30

Yeah, I watch a couple a day. Don't follow along in Houdini..just trying to absorb some knowledge while waiting for a render or whatever.

60 second Houdini Tutorials on Pixel Fondue 2021年10月6日18:16

This looks like the right place to post this so here goes.. Pixel Fondue is primarily a MODO channel but a number of us have started to learn Houdini (this will be the 5th or 6th time for a Anyway, William Vaughan has a great series of MODO tutorials that are super fast (40 - 60 seconds usually) and serve as a great reference to even super experienced users (stuff like that one setting your forgot because you haven't touched that node in a couple years?). He's started pumping out Houdini ones now so I figured I'd post here.

Anway, what I like about these (as someone trying to learn Houdini....again) is that I can watch a couple each day really quick during small breaks during my 'regular' 3D job. More experienced Houdini users have been leaving helpful 'extra/better' ways to do things in the comments as well, which is helpful.

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Channel if you're interested in MODO, Marvelous or Substance stuff...
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To the mod(s). This is a 'first post' so I hope it doesn't come across as spam. If so, well - I don't know how else to post something like this. Feel free to email me I guess.