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KineFX BoneCapture Weight Modify VEX Array 2023年8月19日12:36

Hey guys,

I have created a simple bone deform using KineFX stuff overall . After the "Capture Proximity" node, we have the "BoneCapture" attribute that shows the bone weights in an array.

However, when I try to modify the values using VEX code, nothing happens. I'm not sure why it's not working. My code seems to be fine, just a simple for loop.

can someone help me how to solve this problem ;

Thanks in advance

Render Object with Displacement Wireframe ( Mantra ) 2023年6月7日9:19

Hey Guys .

Is there any way to render a wireframe displacement object?

If there is any help,I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Blur or Smooth Bone Weight - KineFX Stuff 2023年5月19日5:35

You can use the smooth node to blur bone capture attribs, but you will need to have more than one joint in order for it to work.
What I have done is create a root and ctrl joint. I flood the whole grid with the weight of the root and then add the weight of the control joint. This will now smooth appropriately.

Great Thanks William