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Rigging with Houdini Tutorials covering Kinefx 2020年12月23日17:13

Is SideFX planning to do a new rigging with Houdini series covering Kinefx? I assume the 9 hour rigging with Houdini 16.5 series is now basically obsolete as no one will want to use object level rigging. I would love to see a comprehensive beginners rigging tutorial covering kineFX. I haven't found much in my searches so far. Anyone?

Keyframing enable constraints does not work 2020年6月6日11:53

I want to key-frame the enable constraints check box on an object. This would allow me to have the object follow a path and then stop following it and do something else. Unfortunately I have not been able to make this work. Keyframeing the check box from on to off dose not turn off constraints. I thought it might be a bug but I've seen this behavior across multiple versions. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a trick to make it work?


Polyextude Negative Value / Reverse Normal? 2020年3月15日22:58

you can submit RFE for that
Good Idea. I think I will.