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Create new Nodes within Digital Asset inside UE4 (4.9) 2015年11月4日4:11

Thank you for your reply and for letting me know of this limitation. Having the new nodes be inside of a subnet that is editable is a great idea that I was starting to think about. I look forward to being able to someday being able to generate new nodes in UE4.

Create new Nodes within Digital Asset inside UE4 (4.9) 2015年10月22日21:10


I have been using Houdini for the past few weeks. I have a project that I am working that creates a new geo node and instance node(used for the new geo). This is done by using a multiparm with a callback to a python script. My issue is that when I use the digital asset in UE4 4.8 or 4.9 it doesn't appear to create the new nodes. To check the asset I imported it into a empty Houdini file. When to import the .otl into Houdini the asset is locked initially. I first have to “Allow Editing of Contents” on the imported digital asset for it to generate the new nodes. After that there is no issue with the digital asset inside of Houdini. Currently is it possible to “Allow Editing of Contents” or generate new nodes of a digital asset inside of UE4?

Thank you
Ben Esler