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obj-image HUG
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KineFX - RigDoctor does not respect point order 2024年3月1日7:59

In the simplest scenario where one uses a line and rigdoctor to create a simple rig, how can one define the order of the hierarchy?
Reversing the point order with a sort node does not reverse the joint hierarchy. Is this a bug?

I noticed that and I've run in some problems with other nodes because of that. I've been using the transverse op (in apex) to get a better point ordering. The skeleton node doesn't seem to keep the correct vertex order either, so using that to sort points won't help as well.

APEX Curve Solver? 2024年2月24日23:29

Ah yes, we are currently missing one additional input parm that needs to be exposed on the curve callbacks that will help with the fixed length!
Vex would be the less favorable solution because it creates quite the performance overhead and it can slow your rig down!
Any news on that?

UV/prim aware AbstractControl 2024年1月21日12:04

It's very pleasant to use the abstract control, but I haven't found a way to use the range parms Esther wrote (doesn't seem to work when added to the spare ports). I'm not sure either if it's possible to change the default look of the geo.
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