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Troubles installing ImageMagick and FFMPEG on Mac 2022年6月2日16:04

What's up guys!
I am trying to install ImageMagick and FFMPEG on my Houdini.
But I dont really know if I am doing it right. (I'm a Mac user)
I just downloaded the packages from the respective websites, and set the path on the houdini.env
Just like OCIO or Redshift. But it seems that it didnt work.
I know that if I was using Windows, I should set the path to the .exe files. However, on the OS, these files have no extension.
Would you guys have any suggestions ?
Thank you so much!

Issues with new version/license + Redshift 2022年5月16日12:16

Hello guys!

I was using the apprentice version till last Friday, when I obtained my student license and then installed the new version (19.0.589).

I'm experiencing some problems with this new version, and I would like to know if its related to the license issue, or maybe it's a new bug.

I installed the redshift on Houdini, and it seems that Mantra does not work when Redshift is installed. It cannot render more than 1 frame. Even the simplest scene.

Image Not Found

That's how I put the path on Houdini.env

Image Not Found

I also noticed that after any kind of render is completed (mantra, compositing, cache), the progress box does not closes, and runs a hscript forever (of course I could notice that when redshift was not installed)

I use a MacBook Pro Monterrey 12.3.1
Intel Core-i9

Would one of you guys know how to fix these problems?

Thank you so so much for you attention.