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Rodeo FX looking for an FX Supervisor! 2017年3月17日11:10

Rodeo FX [] is looking for an amazingly talented artist to help lead our FX teams in Montreal and Quebec City.

Under the supervision of the Head of the CG Department, the FX supervisor is the responsible for the work delivered by the FX department. He establishes, in collaboration with the Head of Department and other Department Supervisors, the working methods of his team, taking into account the requirements of the pipeline, both technical/methodological, present and future. He supervises, guides and develops his team and acts as mentor of his specialty. His great knowledge of the team's abilities allows him to delegate certain tasks to employees determined.


  • To maintain, at all times, an overview of the projects, advise the production, participate, influence the casting of the artists on the shows, and participate in the assignment of the shots and sequences
  • Be the voice of the FX department; Know the skills and strengths of team members, valuing the interests of the specialty
  • To maintain a high standard of quality of the work delivered by its team at both the technical and artistic level, taking into consideration the vision and the orientations of the CG Sup
  • Be responsive to the needs of the FX department, identify and define them, communicate them and follow up with the Development team
  • Set up processes, create tools by specialty (eg Dailies, Tech-checks scripts, Trainings, Turntables) that contribute to and facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the team
  • Remain up-to-date with knowledge in FX and keep abreast of the latest technological advances in order to put in place avant-garde methods and approaches that provide a long-term (5 years) perspective on the future of the specialty
  • Participate in the FX department's recruitment effort by participating in the interview process and promoting open positions in the team
  • Actively participate in the integration of the artists of his team through an in-depth understanding of their backgrounds, experiences and aspirations
  • Encourage the progression of the artists on their team by participating in the evaluation processes (probation and annual period)
  • Identify opportunities for development and training and determine individual objectives
  • Advise, encourage, congratulate and maintain a good working environment
  • Maintain constant communication with other departmental supervisors and Head CG, provide feedback, inform
  • Produce various photo-realistic simulations, smoke, clouds, dust, explosions, fires and water. Create simulations of rigid bodies, particles and fluids as needed by production


  • Minimum 7 years experience as an FX artist
  • Experience as a supervisor on several visual effects productions.
  • Excellent mastery of Houdini
  • A good knowledge of the programming principles with Mel / Python, an asset
  • Thorough understanding of the entire CG Pipeline
  • Must have great interpersonal and communications skills
  • Capable of motivating and leading large teams with enthusiasm
  • Calm and able to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Ability to manage time and balance priorities
  • Experience with Shotgun, an asset
  • Must be available for flexible schedules

Submit your resume and portfolio! []

RODEO FX is hiring Senior FX Houdini Artist. 2016年9月20日13:11

Position at Rodeo FX Montreal and Quebec City.


  • Be able to produce various photorealistic simulations of smoke, clouds, dust, explosions, fires and water.
  • Create rigid body simulations, particles and fluids
  • Collect a variety of 3D assets produced by the Animation and Layout Departments.
  • Be able to work with the visual effects supervisor and Lead CG to determine the best possible technical and creative approaches.
  • Be able to deliver work within established project targets and the high quality standards of the company.

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a VFX studio
  • Basic knowledge of physics
  • Excellent knowledge of Houdini
  • Good knowledge of programming principles with Mel/Python, an asset
  • Experience with Nuke, an asset
  • Basic knowledge of Renderman and/or Arnold, an asset
  • Self-driven, good communicator, and a great-team player
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Work ethic focused on the dynamism and collaboration
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks, set priorities and problem solving

To apply: Rodeo FX Careers []