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How could I relax existing UV by polygon angle, in Houdini? 2021年11月10日19:19

how to flatten without packing?

Multiparm block set attributes script? 2018年10月30日16:08

Hello. How to convert this multiblock

with groups an floats to prim attributes
using callback script, tags, or custom python string code maybe.
There is some complications with code:
I dont know how to convert group string param, with dashes and gaps, to array of prim numbers, without splitting and separating codes, with adding numbers to array. It must be easy way like soputils, already implemented.
How to use kwargs.tuple or other ninja turtles for multiblocks parameters, instead of adding foreach cycles

Here is scene with vex in foreach, but it seems to easy,and to much nodes.

3d Network View 2018年2月2日12:45

It`s not a WiP, just an idea.

Will be nice to see it in Houdini someday