Artwork by Attila Torok


With Houdini 19, Pyro FX dives deeper into realtime solvers for both GameDev and VFX artists. On the UX front, more nodes are being moved into SOPs and specialized 3D handles and viewport experiences are being introduced. Houdini 19 includes more complex, high-end toolsets such as Sparks and Shockwaves to increase productivity.

PYRO FX | Fast Minimal Solver

The minimal solver lets you create PyroFX completely on the GPU. With Houdini 19, you can now use instanced Pyro Sources then parent them to animated geometry to create simulations on the move.

PyroFX | Shape your FX

PyroFX now has a new Axis Force that creates powerful manipulations during simulation. Post simulation, you can use Velocity Scale to stretch out your sim or Volume Deform to use existing modeling tools to reshape your volumes without losing detail.  

Axis Force
Velocity Scale
Volume Deform

DEBRIS | Source

Houdini 19 includes key enhancements to the Debris Source tool that now supports Packed Primitives. Now you can take an existing simulation and add secondary pieces and debris to bring it to life.

PyroFX | Artist Tools

To assist artists with setting up common FX tasks, Houdini continues to include tools designed to streamline these workflows. This includes Sparks, Muzzle Flash and Shockwaves. These tools wrap up complex networks into high level tools that are set up and ready to use in production. Technical Directors can also dive into the tool to understand how each tool works to help inspire custom tools.  

Muzzle Flash

PYRO FX | Viewport Render

Improvements to viewport rendering of Pyro FX enhance your ability to make creative decisions without rendering. An ambient occlusion setting lets you evaluate your Pyro FX without any lighting.  A bloom effect for bright areas is available along with new filtering algorithms.

SideFX Labs | Realtime FX & More

SideFX Labs includes tools such as Vertex Animation Textures and Texture Sheet Export to make it easier for artists to create Realtime FX to video games.  This repository of tools continues to grow and also includes an advanced File Cache node that works well with Pyro FX simulations.

Vertex Animation Textures
Texture Sheets
Advanced File Cache

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