Artwork by Attila Torok


Houdini 19 adds Fluids to Vellum to make it a complete unified multi-solver that can help you create a wide range of visual effect shots. Vellum can also be used interactively in the viewport to support artist-driven workflows. 


With the addition of Fluids, Vellum is now a complete unified multi-solver that lets you combine, rigid bodies, cloth, grains, wires and fluids in a single simulation. This creates a powerful sandbox for creating effects.

Artwork by Adam Swaab

VELLUM | Brush

The Vellum brush has already proved useful for pushing around hair and cloth. Now you can use it with fluids and grains to art direct the starting point for a simulation or model an organic shape. The brush works on the GPU to provide an interactive experience for artists.

VELLUM | Rigids & Plasticity

Shape matching makes it possible to include rigid elements in your Vellum simulations. Plasticity is also available to allow for denting. While the Bullet solver will still be needed for large scale effects, Vellum offers a good solution for small scale integrated simulations.

VELLUM | Grains

In Houdini 19, Grains are significantly faster as a result of adding Fluids to the Vellum solver. Lessons learned during development on Fluids were used to speed up Grains.

VELLUM | Commercial

This faux commercial, created by Tim Van Helsdingen, shows all the Vellum tools working together in a single project. These integrated tools provide a powerful environment for creating dynamic effects for your projects.

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