Artwork by Attila Torok


Solaris has seen a lot of growth for Lookdev, Layout and Lighting in Houdini 19. From a robust scene import, to a new brush-based workflow for large scale set dressing, Solaris is becoming a more welcoming environment for artists.


For Houdini artists used to working at the Object level in Houdini, the Scene Import LOP offers the quickest way to get your artwork into Solaris. Houdini 19 strengthens this workflow while also offering a new Karma ROP that uses Scene Import under the hood to make it easier for artists to access the Karma renderer while working at the Object level.


When preparing assets for use in Solaris, there are several steps you need to take to take full advantage of USD. The component builder is a network of nodes that make it easier to configure your USD assets.

Component Builder


Once assets have been configured properly, they can be loaded up into the Layout Asset Gallery for use with the Layout LOP. These galleries make it easy to load up assets and use the new brush workflow to set up a shot. PDG can be used to rapidly process many assets for use with the gallery.

Asset Gallery
Creating Assets using PDG

LAYOUT | Brush Workflow

The new Layout LOP provides a brush workflow environment designed to support rapid layout of a scene. This new tool provides tools for placing, orienting and nudging assets along with a fill brush for handling larger areas. This tool uses instancing at its core to provide an efficient architecture for populating shots. 

Layout Brushes
Large Scene Layout
Fill Brush


Studios can create custom brushes for the Layout LOP to meet the specific needs of your layout artists. There is an example brush network that tool builders can review to learn how to set up custom workflows within the Layout environment.


To support VFX workflows where CG elements need to be integrated into a live action shot, Solaris now has a Background Plate LOP. This node acts as a shadow catcher which can bounce light up onto your CG geometry.

Snapshot | Background Render

While working with the Snapshot Gallery in Solaris, you can render in the background while you continue working with your shot. You can also send these renderings to the farm to offload the render processes completely from your workstation.

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