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CFX in Houdini 19.5 includes improvements to the muscle, tissue and skin simulation system along with new grooming tools and hair procedural. There are also new crowd features such as Lookat. 


For hair and fur, there are some new interactive grooming tools and a lot of focus on rendering. Karma XPU can now render fur and there are hair procedurals for generating hair from guide curves at render time. There is also a HUSK procedural that works with other render delegates in Solaris.

Karma XPU
Mirror Grooming
Hair Procedural
HUSK Procedural


This feature set is still in beta but has new features in Houdini 19.5. Based on feedback from customers, the tools have improved as they work towards being production-ready. This version includes rigid spacers, retargeting using topo transfer, Franken muscle and tissue sliding.

Rigid Spacers
Tissue Sliding

Crowds | Dynamic Look at

Crowds can now dynamically switch who they are looking at while in motion. Based on certain rules, each agent turn their eyes and then their head to look at another agent nearby. This results in a much more natural look to both medium and background crowds.

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