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With Houdini 19.5, Karma is ready to take over render duties from Mantra.
Houdini 19.5 also includes beta access to Karma XPU. 


As Karma moves to embrace MaterialX, new nodes are being added to add functionality to this shader building toolset. This includes some nodes which sit outside the MaterialX standard until an official equivalent is ready.

Curvature and Facing Ratio
Rounded Corners

OCEAN | Rendering

A new Karma Ocean LOP in Solaris makes it much easier to bring oceans into the lighting and rendering context. All the settings you would have used previously are all available in a single interface to get artists up and running much faster.

Karma Ocean LOP


Karma XPU moves into Beta with new features such as sub surface scattering. This new hybrid renderer is capable of production quality shots but needs a few more features.

Sub Surface Scattering
XPU Project

KARMA | Licensing

Since Karma works both inside Houdini and as a Hydra delegate in other USD-based applications, SideFX is planning to bundle licenses with Houdini Core and FX for FREE and charging for extra licenses. 

This new price will take effect  on  January 1, 2024. FREE Karma tokens will be available until then to help customers transition from Mantra. 

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