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With Houdini 19.5, Pyro FX includes new workflow options that improve the experience for artists.

SOURCE | Instancing

Originally used on the GPU with the Minimal solver, instancing of Pyro FX sources is now available as a general tool. This makes it easier to mix and match different explosions while keeping your simulations as efficient as possible.

VOXEL | Scale

This workflow involves scaling the velocity on a sim to make it work more efficiently. You can see big performance benefits if you are willing to take this approach. And the detail you remove from the motion does not impact the detail of the smoke itself.

VIEWPORT | Rendering

Environment lighting in the viewport makes it easier to evaluate your PyroFX simulations before sending them off to be rendered. This ability to work interactively can have a huge impact on your productivity.

GAME ENGINE | Workflows

Through SideFX Labs, there are new workflows for getting PyroFX simulations properly represented in your game engine. With a growing number of tutorials, these workflows become easier to learn and more accessible to artists.

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