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Solaris continues to get stronger for Lookdev, Layout and Lighting in Houdini 19.5. From new layout brushes to light filters, Solaris is becoming a more welcoming environment for artists.


With render delegates such as Karma, your Solaris viewport can quickly become a full IPR experience. With Houdini 19.5, you can render a specific region for a more focused exploration of your shot. This region is easy to move around to inspect all areas of your current frame.


The Layout LOP now has new brushes for quickly populating your shot with details. Now you can stack items from a random selection or create detail along a line for more specific results.


LIGHT | Filters

Light Filters provide a way of layering detail into the projected light. It can be used as a gel or to define a gobo or to project an image to a screen. Material X nodes are used to add this ability into the lighting workflow in Solaris. These powerful nodes can be added to multiple lights at the same time. 

Light Filters
Multiple Lights


The new light filters make it easier to create quality shots that have just the look you need. You have more control and these nodes are easy to access and apply to your lights.

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