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where is Cluster tab in Vorooni Fracture sop ? Jan. 15, 2019, 4:11 p.m.

Thank you Jullian, I had been stuck on that one for the last 20 minutes and couldn't find a solution .

Houdini Engine Indie License Problems Jan. 11, 2019, 4:46 p.m.

Hey Seelan,
I am using the Apprentice version, together with the Houdini Engine Indie license.

I tried loading the Evergreen.otl into Unity, but get following License Error:

Loading Asset Library From File : HAPI Error: No Valid Licenses Found
- HAPI_LICENSE_MODE unset or is set to ‘default’ meaning Houdini Engine will first try to acquire a Houdini Engine license and if one is not found it will try to acquire an interactive Houdini license (Houdini Core then Houdini FX).
- No Houdini Engine license found.
- No Houdini license.
- Found a Houdini FX (Houdini Master) license but it is not the required commercial variant.
- No Houdini Engine Indie license found.
- No Houdini Indie license.
If session is invalid, try restarting Unity.
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_SessionBaseetSessionErrorMsg(String, Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Sessions/HEU_SessionBase.cs:155)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_SessionHAPI:HandleStatusResult(HAPI_Result, String, Boolean, Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Sessions/HEU_SessionHAPI.cs:645)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_SessionHAPI:LoadAssetLibraryFromFile(String, Boolean, Int32&) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Sessions/HEU_SessionHAPI.cs:872)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_HoudiniAsset:LoadAssetFileWithSubasset(HEU_SessionBase, Boolean, Int32) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_HoudiniAsset.cs:1695)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_HoudiniAssettartRebuild(Boolean, Int32) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_HoudiniAsset.cs:773)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_HoudiniAssetrocessRebuild(Boolean, Int32) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_HoudiniAsset.cs:697)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_HoudiniAsset:AssetUpdate() (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_HoudiniAsset.cs:534)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_AssetUpdater:Update() (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_AssetUpdater.cs:68)

- No Houdini Indie license. That seems to be the problem, right?
But I have installed the Houdini Engine Indie License, screenshots attached.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards

Houdini Engine Indie License Problems Dec. 7, 2018, 5:21 a.m.

Thank you for your reply Seelan. But that's where I got my version. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but if I follow the instructions, I only get to the normal Houdini installer. (I actually tried it several times already , so I got the max. of 3 licenses already).

I do have the Houdini Engine Indie license already.

I am downloading the installer from here: https://www.sidefx.com/download/ [www.sidefx.com] which says taht it includes “Houdini Engine Indie”.
I have attached a Screenshot with the options in the installer. (No “Houdini Engine Indie”).

Thank you for your help.