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CG Supervisor
United States of America

Tim is an Emmy Award winning VFX / CG Supervisor at Zoic Studios in Los Angeles, CA with over 17 years of production experience working for studios like Digital Domain, Pixomondo, Bad Robot, MPC, Mirada, The Mill, Method Studios, and Google to name a few. His most recent work has been featured in titles such as Avengers Age of Ultron, Fast 8, Walking Dead, and Legion where he worked as an on the box VFX/CG Supervisor.


My Tutorials

obj-image Intermediate
Particle Advection with Pyro FX
obj-image Intermediate
Creating Nebulas with Houdini Particles

Recent Forum Posts

Particle Advection with Pyro tutorial July 12, 2018, 4:59 p.m.

Hey everyone, just wanted to spread the word I have a new tutorial follow up to the particle Nebula one I mentioned here a few months back.

This time around I focus on particle Advection using Pyro to drive particle velocity. I also cover shading and lighting the Particles.

Check it out!

https://maxdepth.tv/product/advection/ [maxdepth.tv]

New Tutorial: Creating Nebulas with Houdini Particles April 20, 2018, 4:27 a.m.

Hey everybody this is Tim Hanson from maxdepth.tv, and I'm super excited to bring you this new tutorial creating nebulas using Houdini particles effects.

Over the course of this tutorial we will cover things like particle creation using Houdini's powerful pop network, and then manipulating those particles using things like Pop force, Drag force, point VOP's and Point wrangles. From there we will touch on the lighting of our particles using the extremely versatile Houdini geometry lights, and then we'll move on to illustrate how easy it is to create and “art direct” star fields using the Houdini scatter node all while using a minimal amount of scripting.To close things out we will cover rendering, and how to leverage the power of light selects in Houdini to make our comps more dynamic in Nuke. By the end of this tutorial I'm confident you'll love working in Houdini as much as I do to create these types of particle simulations.

Please head on on over to maxdepth.tv/shops [maxdepth.tv], and pick up your copy of Houdini Particles: Nebula's today!