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Edit SOP Transforms Jan. 11, 2019, 10:49 a.m.

Edit SOP will not lose the transform values just by doing that
the edit will be committed and values reset however if you select other points or press Commit button, maybe something else

but not just by selecting other nodes and then coming back to the edit at later time

but yes, always keep in mind that Edit is for tweaking and all commited edits are stored in the geometry delta data which lives on the node
the UI reflects just the last live Edit that has not been commited yet, so in theory can be used procedurally as a transform, but it may be dangerous

use Transform SOP or Soft Transform SOP if you want to apply transform to a group of points instead

Thank you for the heads up. Was expecting it to be procedural and therefore have access to these edits, but now I understand. Sometimes they'd work, I'd come back later and still have the info there for editing… but lately, especially in 17, they just blank out as soon as I move on.

I'll try the other sops. Thanks again

Edit SOP Transforms Jan. 11, 2019, 9:48 a.m.

Why do edit sops lose their transforms after you move on from them? Is there a way to get them back.

So to clarify, I put down an edit sop, select some points, do a transform, let's say Y=3 and move on. Then, I come back to the edit sop to edit the transform (increase, decrease etc) but while the point selection is there in the group, the transform is wiped clean. Y shows as 0, even though clearly the points edited are still at Y=3.

How can I get it back?


FBX wrong Axis in Unity Oct. 10, 2018, 5:10 p.m.

Can someone please explain to me why this simple test bones with geo exported as FBX, change Axis in Unity.

I'm talking about the Thigh_bone.

When I bring it into unity it spins around the Z axis even though I'm moving it around the X axis. Also, the Z axis is spinning around the Y axis.

It's like some weird gimbal lock. I don't understand it.

If I remove the hip bone, I can bring it in Okay into unity. My reasoning is that there seems to be some problem with the parenting of the Thigh_bone to the Hip_bone (which is flat).

I'm not sure what's happening here so any opinions would help.