1 |  Procedural Building Modules

The basis of cities are their buildings, but how do you start creating them while keeping an overview? That is what we will be doing in this tutorial.

Length: 28:12

PT 1 SCENE FILE [.hiplc]

2 |  Layout Generation

In this tutorial we will set the basis for the layout generation in this series. We start by dividing up the complex issue which is layout generation and in the end have a framework which is going to help us in the upcoming tutorials.

Length: 34:37

PT 2 SCENE FILE [.hiplc]

3 |  Room Setup

In this tutorial we will be going over subdividing polygons while maintaining control.

Length: 14:25

PT 3 SCENE FILE [.hiplc]



Feike is always eager to help, but getting a good idea of the different solutions first. As a graduate of IGAD (International Games Architecture & Design) in The Netherlands with half a decade of experience with Houdini, he currently enforces building techniques using procedural design. He loves teaching and exploring problems from both the artistic as the math-driven side of things to get to the desired results. Teaming up with Ivo he co-founded Dokai, and is loving everything there is about sharing environmental design for games, in a procedural way.

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  • Pavel Dostal 4 years, 8 months ago  | 

    excelent tutorials for architecture and create buildings, thank you

  • jermaineberkley 4 years, 8 months ago  | 

    is this for general use, or is this only to be a guide? Can we use it in our projects?

  • FeikePostmes 4 years, 8 months ago  | 

    Hi Jermaine, this series was mainly meant for showing different techniques for specific problems when dealing with buildings, it mainly tells you how you could do it. It is our take on this vast and massive subject so feel free to take whatever part you like and make it fit to your project.

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