Here is The Disintegration Effect 2   The Skull

In this lesson we're gonna build a full setup and extend the technics from the first part to rigid body simulation.

We are going to learn tips and tricks that I'm using in production such as advanced custom collision and clustering.

I've prepared a lot of different exemple to have a good undestanding about velocity calculations, rotation by quaternion, displacment, timestep and grain.

We will start with a basic object to finally switch to the skull in order to have a good pedagogyWe're gonna talk as well about framgentations,triggers, and ,solvers,

With included files per chapter for a better  learning.

I'm proud of it and I hope you will enjoy it


The Disintegration Effect 1 is a disintegration of a deforming geometry.

The Disintegration Effect 2 is a disintegration of a rbd simulation.

( which is more complex and more realistic, so we will use less that 10% of what we have done for the Disintegration Effect 1 )


BARD Florian

Hi !! I am a senior Houdini Fx Artist. I'm working on the VFX industry for 10 years, and for a lot of different projects My last job was in Germany at Rodeo FX. A wonderfull studio by the way. I've recently worked on Godzilla 2, Stranger Things season 3 and Call of duty Infinite warfare for video games.


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    Vau. Florian you are a true wizzard!

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